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I decided I was bored with my journal style and layout and decided to do something new. I went with a periwinkle blue color scheme and made a new (blue!) Leeloni header to go with it. Which would probably have been more appropriate in the spring instead of the fall, but whatever. Check me out!

While assembling the Leeloni header, I realized how relatively few pics there are of the Chris and Lee together as themselves (i.e., outside of Oz), considering they've been friends for nearly 20 years. I guess the ease of digital photography since Oz's heyday has warped my perspective, since now the smallest of celebrity activities and events yields countless pics on various forms of social media.

Can you imagine all the pics and vids and gifs there would be of the kiss at the GLAAD Awards if it happened today? Instead, all we have is one grainy YouTube video and some extremely low-def photos. Which is better than nothing, obviously, but still. Tom Fontana likes to post all these behind-the-scenes pics from his last show "Borgia" to his Instagram account, and I can't help but be jealous that the techonogy wasn't available for him to be able to do the same for Oz. I think Tom Fontana needs to hire me to go through his old photo albums and scan and upload all his Oz-era pics for him. ;)

Actually, this would be a good time to mention that I have an "Oz Fandom" Instagram account, which I originally thought might be another way to help promote fandom activities like I've done with Twitter and tumblr. I opened it up while planning the Oziversary fest and posted my Oziversary graphics to it, before realizing that it really wasn't a good platform for what I was trying to accomplish. But then Tom Fontana discovered it (presumably because I followed him), and for a while he was my one and only follower. And now he tags me whenever he posts an Oz-related pic. O_O

(Although the icing on the cake was when Robert Closhessy followed me after I liked a cute vid he'd posted of him with his mother. :D)
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Unfortunately, LeeFest 2017 has been cancelled. :((

We got word yesterday that Lee had to drop out of Friday's stage reading due to "scheduling conflicts." Apparently, he is fllming something in Pittsburgh that is being held up by production delays. So at least it's good news that he's working? Hopefully, it's on something exciting and not, you know, a sequel to "No One Lives" or whatever. ("No One Dies"? LOL)

Anne said she may still attend the reading since she's already in the general area visiting friends and would enjoy seeing Dean perform, but the rest of us have cancelled our travel plans.

On a scale of 1 to 10, my disappointment level is, like, infinity. And that's an understatement.
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One week from today, Lee Tergesen and Dean Winters will be performing a stage reading of a Tom Fontana play called "Screenplay By Stalin" at the Williamstown (MA) Theatre Festival. As I've mentioned on Twitter and at [ profile] leeloni, I am going to be travelling there to see it, alongside some other Lee Peeps. So, I've been super-excited lately!

I'm sure it's going to be worth it, but it's going to be a bit of an adventure to get there. I'm arriving in Massachusetts Thursday afternoon via a 13-hour train ride from Toledo, Ohio that departs at 3:20 AM Thursday morning (YES, that's AM, folks). My home in Michigan is about an hour and 20 minutes away from the Toledo station, and it's still unclear exactly who in my family drew the short straw of driving me there. Heh.

Of course, there's then another 13-hour train ride on Saturday to return home again.

But whenever I feel a little nervous about the whole thing, I remind myself of one of my favorite lines in the 1970s AU Oz Magi story that [ profile] pride_of_erin wrote for me for last Christmas:

It feels like an adventure, and sadly enough [Toby] doesn’t think he’s ever had one of those.

... because, that's me! I think it's time I had an adventure, and I figure a LeeFest is as good a time as any to have one.

(To be clear, though, it won't involve the sex, drugs, and disco music that Toby experienced in Erin's story.) (At least, I don't think so.) (But who knows what really goes on during these LeeFests?) (I guess I'll find out!)

I'm going to bring my copy of the script for "The Tip" episode of Oz that I bought last year, and hopefully I'll be able to get Lee and/or Tom and/or Dean to autograph it. AND I also made a special little gift for Lee that I'd like to pass along at some point, assuming that I can get over my fear that he'll think it's weird. AND I'm also hoping for an opportunity to get to the bottom of those strange Missing OZ Episodes/Season 7 rumors (MURPHY NUDE SCENE).

It's entirely possible, though, that I'll just melt into a giant puddle of goo and spend the whole time drooling like an idiot, thereby rendering all my plans irrelevant. ;)
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As I mentioned already on [ profile] oz_rapsheet...

To commemorate the 20th anniversay of Oz, Yahoo TV compiled an "oral history" about the premiere using interviews with Tom Fontana, Lee Tergesen, Dean Winters, and several other cast & crew members and HBO personnel. It is VERY long, but EXTREMELY interesting. For example, did you know that Jennifer Grey played Dr. Nathan in the original presentation to HBO? And that Mos Def played Augustus Hill? And that HBO had reservations about Lee as Beecher(!)? And that it was Lee's idea to perform The Last Duet with JK in the "Variety" episode?

I strongly recommend checking the whole thing out, because it's pretty fascinating. Here's the link again:

Return to ‘Oz’: An Oral History of the Pioneering Prison Drama

One of the quotes that really caught my eye was this one from Tom Fontana:
Fontana: I have to say, over the course of the series, there was only really one actor who lied to me and said he would do whatever I asked him, and then when it came time he said, “No, I’m not going to do it.” But he wasn’t a regular and I was able to kill him off fairly quick. Let them guess who that was!
Now, I'm one who generally takes internet gossip with a big ol' grain of salt, but when I read that, I immediately remembered something that I'd seen on Tumblr, posted about a year ago by an Oz fan. (I don't really know her, but she follows me on Tumblr and Twitter and "likes" some of my stuff.) And, I gotta say, 2+2 pretty much equals 4 here:

mondo gossip.png

How the hell can someone not want to kiss Lee Tergesen? Moron.
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Title: Touched
Rating: PG (mild language)
Word Count: 1,555
Setting: Story takes place after the knife fight in the gym in "Secret Identities" (S3E7). Canon up to that point, then AU.
Prompt: "You have an angel's touch."
Note: Written for the 2017 Oziversary Fest at [ profile] oz_wishing_well.

Touched )
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Title: The Traffic Warrior
Rating: PG (mild language)
Word Count: 1,248
Summary: Oz staff members carpool together!
Prompt: "We need to fight the traffic."
Note: Written for the 2017 Oziversary Fest at [ profile] oz_wishing_well.

The Traffic Warrior )
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Title: The Donald Groves Cookbook
Prompt: "In the old days, murder was murder. You killed someone, it was business. You sure as Christ didn't eat them."
Note: Made for the 2017 Oziversary Fest at [ profile] oz_wishing_well. (Because maybe killing and eating someone WAS Groves' business. :D)

groves cookbook
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I have a long, rambling tale to tell! It's a little exciting, even if the ending is rather anti-climactic.

Using the Wayback Machine, I've been poking around HBO's old official Oz website, which includes their old fan message boards. The whole experience has been frustrating at times, probably because I have a limited understanding of how Wayback really "works" (some of the website's pages were captured, while others weren't; some of the captured links work, but many don't, etc.).

BUT I was able decipher from several posts at the message board that APPARENTLY never-before-seen (not legally, anyway) additonal episodes of Oz exist! The details are still murky on how they came about, but I can explain the gist of it. (It's been like trying to put together a puzzle when you only have a handful of pieces.)

These so-called lost episodes of Oz can be divided into two distinct categories: (1) episodes made from additional footage that was created during the course of the show (!), and (2) at least four episodes of a Season 7 that was filmed after Season 6 had aired (!!!).

The Story Behind Season 7 )
The Story Behind Fontana's Additional Footage )
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My fascination with the hedonistic late '70s continues! I've just come across a collection of photos of the infamous Studio 54 nightclub that was recently posted by Buzzfeed, and it's pretty amazing:

29 Pictures That Show Just How Insane Studio 54 Really Was

My first impression? SO MANY NIPPLES. Several topless women are included in the pictorial, so definitely NSFW.

Viewing these photos reminds me of the awesome fic Night Fever, written for me by [ profile] pride_of_erin in response to my [ profile] oz_magi wish for a B/K 1970s AU. Her story is deliciously decadent and so, SO good. If you didn't get a chance to read it before, you should RUN, not walk, over to Magi and read it NOW. In addition, [ profile] mazephoenix wrote the wonderful porny Magi "treat" Disco Inferno 77 based on my prompt.

Also? Here is a handy instructional video that teaches you how to dance The Hustle:

Now, pardon me while go search for my Bee Gees Greatest Hits CD!
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All sorts of doomsayers are predicting a LiveJournal Armageddon, and I want to have my ass covered if and when it all goes down. Therefore, this weekend I blew the dust off my Dreamwidth account (which I've had for 4 years and used exactly once) and uploaded my LJ to it.

So I guess I feel better?

Anyway, if any of you are thinking of leaving LJ permanently and going to DW instead, you can friend me there if you want. My account username is the same: vanillalime at DW.

The latest shenanigans at LJ are annoying and disconcerting, but frankly, I find the atmosphere and innerworkings of Facebook to be 10x more sinister. (But maybe that's just me.) I personally don't see myself leaving LJ anytime soon. What remains of the Oz fandom still seems entrenched here, and I worry about it fracturing itself into non-existence. So, I'll continue posting here and at [ profile] oz_daily and maintaining the [ profile] leeloni comm. I'll amuse myself, if no one else. LOL

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Hey! I finally got my act together and assembled a Master List of all my fanfic! :-)

The list's organization is pretty self-expalantory: fic is arranged in chronological order by date posted, with my drabbles/ficlets and RPF at the end. I thought about grouping the stories according to pairings and main characters, but that quickly became problematic and just didn't seem practical. Suffice it to say, the vast majority of my fic focuses on (or stems from) the Beecher/Keller pairing in HBO's Oz. But I've also written a fair amount of McManus/Murphy, gen fic, crossovers with L&O:SVU, RPF, as well as other odds and ends.

Stories are posted to my personal LJ unlesss otherwise indicated. For the last year, I've (sloooowly) been archiving my stories to AO3, and those links are given as well.

Feedback is always appreciated, no matter how old the story might be. :-)

My Fic Be Here )
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sweetpeach bday2

Hope you are having a lovely day!
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Lord have mercy...


While I was searching the web for photos of Robert Clohessy (Oz's Sean Murphy), I discovered that his real-life son, Myles, is a high-end sports & fitness model, repped by the famous Wilhelmina modeling and talent agency. And I thought this discovery was too amazing not to be shared! So I am posting a few more of Myles' porniest hottest pics under the cut.

hot guy pics here... )
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Title: Guardian Angel
Main Characters: Sean Murphy, Claire Howell
Rating: PG
Word Count: 600
Summary: After being shot, Sean wakes up to a surprise in the hospital.
Notes: Inspired by [ profile] ozsaur, who practically triple-dog dared me in her [ profile] hardtime100 prompt. Written for the Murphy Appreciation Month fest at [ profile] oz_wishing_well.
Guardian Angel )
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sean val day 2

Thanks for all you do for the Oz fandom, such as appreciating the bestest CO in Oz!
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Title: Living the American Dream
Main Characters: Sean Murphy, Tim McManus, James Devlin
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language and references to offensive stereotypes
Word Count: 1,565
Summary: A slightly cracky story in which Sean receives a much-deserved award. Set in present day.
Note: Written for the Murphy Appreciation Month fest at [ profile] oz_wishing_well.

Living the American Dream )
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... and you're utterly useless the rest of the day.

It's a long story, but the end result here is what's really important. :-)

(It was completely unsolicited, I'd like to add, because honestly I'm still a little weirded out by the idea of interacting with celebs via social media. Anne had simply tagged/addressed him at one point in our conversation.)
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LJ comment

In a week full of immenient gloom and doom, I'd like to thank "Evans John" for giving me the laugh of a lifetime. I cannot wait to work the phrase "super driver on top" into the next bit of porn I write.

Very helpful! Sounds like Trump wrote this.
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This is a placeholder with links to the Oz fic I wrote last year for [ profile] hardtime100 (4 drabbles and 1 flashfic), the Oz [ profile] lyric_wheel Challenge, and the [ profile] oz_magi holiday exchange.

I am currently in the process (finally!) of creating a master list here on LJ, as well as copying all my fic over to my AO3 account. (So when the big LiveJournal Armageddon goes down as all the doomsayers are predicting, I'll have my ass covered.) In the meantime, this helps keep me organized.

Links behind the cut.... )

In addition, I encourage everyone to read the awesome works generated by my [ profile] oz_magi wish... two deliciously decadant 1970s AUs inspired by my prompt of "Disco Inferno":

the story Night Fever, by [ profile] pride_of_erin, and
the treat Disco Inferno 77, by [ profile] mazephoenix


Jan. 5th, 2017 01:52 pm
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I'm so excited for [ profile] oz_magi! The quality of work in this fandom is just amazing, for both stories and art, especially considering how small we are. I hope this fest helps keep this fandom going for many more years to come!

On a (slightly amusing) related note... I think probably like everyone, I try to guess at who wrote what before the reveals, and I'm always terrible at it. Even if I've read every bit of Oz fic that a participant has written, I usually still have problems identifying that author. On the other hand, I'm usually pretty good at identifying who made what wish. I think the fandom is small enough so that I've kind of been able to zero in on who has what particular area/character/pairing/trope of interest.

This year, so far, I've gotten every wisher wrong. Every. Single. One. (Except for myself, of course.)

I guess I don't know y'all as well as I thought. Ha!

ALSO, I don't usually share personal stuff, but... say hello to the newest member of my family! :-)


We've named him Indy (as in Indiana Jones), which replaces his rather unimaginative birth name of B-1 (short for Black Cat Number 1, given to him to distinguish him from his litter-mates). He's 18 months old, and he's adorable. He still has a lot of playful kitten in him, even though he is BIG. He barely fits in my lap. And, boy, is he heavy, even if he doesn't look it at first (must be the slimming effect of all that black fur).

Our most recent cat died nearly 3 years ago, just a couple of months shy of his 20th birthday, which was a very traumatic experience for everyone involved, even though he'd obviously led a full life. And I've been very resistant to getting another cat because of FEELS, but I was talked into it, and I'm glad I was. Indy's a total sweetheart.
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