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I want my fairytale ending.

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I'm active primarily in the Oz fandom (the prison drama, not the Wonderful World of--although that's cool, too). Beecher/Keller is my OTP, and I adore both Lee Tergesen and Christopher Meloni for their brave portrayals of those characters. However, I also enjoy other Oz pairings and general Oz fic, as well as basic discussion of the show.

I use my personal LiveJournal mostly for posting fic. However, I am also the owner/maintainer of the cheeky oz_daily comm, where I post a daily photo related to Oz and its actors. In addition, I help maintain the leeloni comm, which celebrates all things related to Lee Tergesen and Christopher Meloni, separately and together, with an emphasis on updates on developments in their professional careers.
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