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If you lined up all the mugshots for all the characters Lee's played over the years, I wonder how far they would reach....


SO! New Lee was on my TV again over the weekend, this time in the season premiere of "Elementary," yet another show I've never seen before that I was watching only for Lee. At least this time, I was able to pick up on the concept fairly quickly, i.e., quirky Sherlock and Dr. Watson vs. bad guys.

Unfortunately, while the epiosde itself was fine, it wasn't exactly the best showcase for Lee's talents. He essentially had three scenes, 98% of which he spent sitting behind an interrogation desk. And those scenes basically consisted of 5 minutes of Sherlock & Watson telling him their crime theories, to which Lee would basically say "You're wrong," and then Sherlock & Watson would spend another 5 minutes telling him why they weren't. (Where was my I'M NOBODY'S BITCH moment?)

Consequently, there isn't anything to really re-cap, except for Lee looking very, very pretty. But, hey, that's important, too!

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Lee Tergesen appeared on HBO's new comedy series "High Maintenance" Friday night and was delightful as always. He played a guy named Leo (Lee-O?) who's getting ready to celebrate his 50th birthday in high style (haha, get it?). The 30-minute show was actually split into two 15-minute vignettes, but Lee still had a lot of screen-time and certainly made the most of it. Therefore, I present my latest Lee-cap! Warning: major SPOILERS ahead.

What's the perfect way to start off the episode? With Naked!Lee in the shower! Just like Oz!

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Last Friday, Lee Tergesen guest-starred on Cinemax's new series "Outcast," and he was INCREDIBLE. Granted, he was playing a deranged psycho for approximately the eleventy-th time, BUT, I seriously think he probably did his best acting since the movie "Silver Tongues." He went from normal guy to monster, and he was truly scary, funny, revolting, sexy, and sympathetic, occasionally all at the same time. I mean, I know I'm biased. But this performance was 10x better than his recent NCIS: NOLA appearance and 50x better than most of his other recent guest-starring stints. It was really the perfect role for someone with his talent and abilities.

So, as is becoming my habit, after I watched the episode, I was so enthralled that I felt compelled to re-watch it, taking screencaps along the way. His portion of the plot was the A-story for the episode, so he had a LOT of screen time. So here is my recap, alongside a plethora of photos of Lee (like, uh, 57 of them).

Warning: SPOILERS for the entire episode.

When we first meet Lee's character, Blake, he's just your average cop, hangin' out at the bowling alley with his partner, Luke; Luke's wife; and a blind date.

[Insert your own ball-licking joke here.] Yummmmm.

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Lee Tergesen guest-starred this week on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans playing, wait for it... a Psychotic Bad Guy! But one with a Heart of Gold! He's doing it all for his daughter! Or something!

He had a LOT of screen time in this episode, and guess who took a whole lot more screencaps than really necessary? :D (That's a rhetorical question, by the way.)

So, here are 26 screencaps of LeeEEEee in action! (Which is about half of what I took, believe it or not.) Enjoy the pretty! Obviously, spoilers ahead!

Lee plays Mike Spar, a mild-mannered scientist of some kind (I've already forgotten exactly):
ncis 0

Except he's not so mild-mannered after all! He kills some guy (a security guard? Again, I've already forgotten. I was watching it for The Lee Factor, people.). Then he kidnaps the mayor of New Orleans (played by Steven Weber of Wings) and the head NCIS guy (played by Scott Bakula of Quantum Leap).

Here's Lee after his big identity reveal, looking oh so nice and scruffy:
ncis 1

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A few days ago, I finally watched Lee Tergesen's latest film, "Tooken," a comedy spoof of the "Taken" franchise.

Even though it's been out for a while, I hadn't bothered to watch the movie before now, despite being a huge Lee fan. Earlier this year, I had seen the movie's trailer, as well as some clips on its Facebook page, and, to be perfectly honest... I wasn't all that interested in seeing more. The movie didn't look particularly good, or maybe it just wasn't my kind of movie, and I was afraid I would be cringing in second-hand embarrassment the entire time. But Showtime recently added it to its schedule, so I figured I'd give it a shot. And you know what?

The movie was MUCH better than I expected! Lee is in nearly EVERY scene (looking very, verrrrrrry nice, I must add), and he seemed to be having a blast. And that energy and the goofiness were contagious. I mean, yes, the movie was stupid, but there WERE some genuinely funny moments. All the actors were surprisingly good, obviously Lee in particular, and I think that made a huge difference. In retrospect, I think the trailer was poorly assembled and the taken-out-of-context clips made it seem worse than it really was.

The farther I got into the movie, the more I was able to enjoy it for what it basically was: a great opportunity to watch an adorable LeeEEEeee in action!

So, I then watched the movie a second time, taking screencaps throughout, and I'm posting 60 of them here (along with descriptive captions) for other Lee fans to enjoy. I KNOW that SEEMS LIKE A LOT, but it's actually less than half of what I took, so! I think I deserve some credit for managing to narrow it down to what I did. The quality of the caps isn't as great as I'd like, because the parental controls on my desktop computer prevented me from streaming the movie there (apparently, giant penises are an issue even if they're fake), so I had to use my ipad. Obviously, SPOILERS abound, although I use my captions to describe Lee himself, more than the actual plot of the movie (yes, there was a plot!).

Sooo... let's get to it! :-)

Yay, top billing! And they spelled his name right!


We first meet Lee's character while he's slugging back vodka.... (LOL, just like Toby!)


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***My first pic!spam story, and my first bad!fic.***
(So I guess that makes this a bad!PicFic?)

Title: Two Beecher Brothers Are Too Many
Pairings: Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, Angus Beecher/Chris Keller
Rating: mostly kind of PG-13, but there's some bad words (even the F one!), one gross pic, and one NSFW gif that you shouldn't look at if you're at work
Length: not a lot of words (maybe around 700), but a lot of pics and gifs (about 28, I think)
Summary: After he's released from prison, Chris realizes that Toby's younger brother Angus has the hots for him, so he decides to do something about it.
Note: Apparently, Angus/Chris stories are like a thing now. You can thank [ profile] drsquidlove and [ profile] mazephoenix for that (and I think [ profile] iskra667 had a hand in it, too).

So, Chris Keller gets out of Oz,


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I think I have a lot of things to say about this show. I definitely have a lot of things to think.

First, DISCLAIMER. I have a deep, intense admiration of Lee's acting skills. It was his incredible portrayal of Tobias Beecher in Oz that sucked me into that show, and his ability to convincingly adapt to the multiple evolutions of that character over the course of the series is what kept me watching. Since discovering him in Oz, I have seen Lee portray many different types of characters in many different types of genres, and he continuously impresses me, even in those yucky horror films he insists on making. That being said...

Good God, people, he is so FUCKING HOT in this show.

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Lee Tergesen made a return appearance on A&E's Longmire this week. Although it was for only one, brief, 45-second scene, he made the most of it by stripping and getting down and dirty with one of the main characters in an aggressive, slightly psychotic manner. Since half-naked Lee is always Full of Win, I grabbed some screencaps for my everyone's viewing pleasure. Unfortunately, the quality of the screencaps is not that great since it was a flashback scene and the lighting was kind of dark and hazy. Also, he kept moving too fast. And I kept getting distracted by... stuff. Heh.

Anyway, we'll start with a nice and sweet one. Awww:


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After a prolonged internal debate which I have described here, I purchased the DVD of "The Collection," Lee's horror movie from last fall, while out shopping a few weeks ago.  This post has numerous screencaps of Lee from the movie, as well as descriptions of what happens, so MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD.

First, let me say that, in general, I hate horror movies.  It probably goes back to when I was a kid with a very overactive imagination who faithfully watched "Saturday Afternoons with Bill Kennedy At the Movies" on Detroit's Channel 50.  I was traumatized at an early age by movies such as "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" with Spencer Tracy, Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds," and "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken" with Don Knotts (this one especially--we're talking nightmares for a week).  So the fact that I bought this movie, watched it, and took screencaps from it tells you a lot about my newfound obsession with appreciation of Lee and his acting skills.

So, "The Collection" is your basic horror movie.  There is blood--a LOT of blood.  There is gore--a LOT of gore.  There are a LOT of deaths of innocent young people at the hands of a crazy psycho killer who wears a mask.  It's what you'd think it would be.  However, on the plus side, Lee has a ton of screen time, as a good guy, acting very badass as the guy in charge of rescuing the targeted damsel-in-distress.  So, with the aid of the fast-forward and mute buttons, I was able to get through it and actually enjoy myself at times.  There was even a cool little twist at the end (which I do NOT spoil).

NOTE:  I have purposely kept the gore to a minimum in the screencaps.

Here is flashback!Lee (perhaps using the same wig from his L&O:SVU appearance?):


Badass!Lee planning the rescue mission:


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