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LJ comment

In a week full of immenient gloom and doom, I'd like to thank "Evans John" for giving me the laugh of a lifetime. I cannot wait to work the phrase "super driver on top" into the next bit of porn I write.

Very helpful! Sounds like Trump wrote this.
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oxford comma

Credit to mxduki's tumblr.

(The Oxford comma should always be used. Always, always, ALWAYS.)
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Recently, I wrote a couple of pieces of Oz fic for the Fandom Giftbox fest over at Dreamwidth, and reveals were held last week. One was a short drabble written for [ profile] trillingstar, who had requested B/K New Year's Eve/lockdown fic. The other was a piece of McManus/Murphy epistolary fic (my first attempt at such a thing) written for [ profile] ozsaur for her prompt "The two of them talk about retirement plans."

A Sixth Sense (PG-13, 100 words)
Summary: Chris always knows what Toby needs to hear.

Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension (PG, 898 words)
Summary: Tim and Sean exchange e-mails discussing their retirement plans.

In addition, [ profile] dustandroses had also requested Oz fic for the fest, and I was drawn to her prompt of "Keller likes a challenge, so he seduces some guy even he wasn't sure he could get." But, try as I might, my brain just couldn't formulate a coherent story out of the bits and pieces of plot I had for a Keller/Busmalis pairing (seriously!).

But then, BUT THEN, I looked at dusty's General Likes, and OH, the plot for another pairing took off--one that's definitely different for me, but a story just dying to be written nonetheless. Unfortunately, I knew that there was no way I could get such a story done before the fest's deadline, so I put it aside. And now I don't know if i should go to work on THAT, or my story for [ profile] spook_me (which I've got an idea for, but not the details), or try to do both, or WHAT. But I'm feeling excited about writing something.
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Chris Meloni retweeted this yesterday, and the plot bunnies are hopping! *g*

spook me plot

(Although, I think [ profile] trillingstar might have already written a story about this?)
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.... is a lot harder than it sounds, as it turns out.  :(

In the next day or so, I hope to post a Rymon story.  It started out as a funny, silly, little badfic to explain the ridiculous biography of Simon Cowell that was published this spring.  But the thoughts and ideas and WORDS kept coming, and it just became impossible for me to sustain that intentional badfic "voice" for so long.  I ended up re-writing the first half to make it "better," yet the base of the story remains a big pile of dialouge-heavy angsty schmoop.  I also wanted to incorporate more realism into the plot than originally planned, but the guys have distanced themselves and blurred the lines between what is real and what isn't so much these last couple of years.... well, the canon isn't what it used to be, that's for sure, limiting what I could do.

I know that it sounds like I'm trying to make excuses, but that's probably because that's exactly what I'm doing.  LOL

I am, however, fairly confident that I successfully painted Tony Cowell to be the fool that he is in the story, thereby accomplishing one of my primary objectives.  :)

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