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It's like Christmas in May!

FIRST, last week I bought off Amazon a used copy of the Oz book (Augustus Hill's "journal") that Fontana & Co. put together after Season 5. Which I got it for a grand total price of only $10.13! With free shipping! It arrived yesterday, and even though the book is 13 years old, it's just like new, basically mint condition. Woot! What a bargain!


Look at this glorious picture of Toby getting his head smashed in!



So, you know how when you buy something and you get a great deal, it totally justifies splurging on something else? Yeah, that's what happened next. Because I found an original copy of the script for "The Tip" episode of Oz on eBay (note: it's NOT the one I posted about on [ profile] oz_daily, but another one sold by itself), and I decided go for it. It just came in the mail, and I AM SO EXCITED.


You can't see it in the photo, but the pages are all a light blue, hence the "Rev. 1/22 blue" notation. (Which is a later draft than the one in that other eBay listing.)

So anyway, practically the first thing I did, of course, was skip to the scene where Beecher bites the tip off Robson's dick. Because, ya know, crazy!Toby is just TEH BEST. And, ohmygod, apparently, during the course of that whole sequence, Hill was supposed to be doing a voice-over where he sings "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" by the Righteous Brothers. LOLOLOOL Can you believe it? That would've been hilariously awesome! I'm guessing they were unable to get the rights to the song, and that's why it didn't happen. But LOOKIT:


"Door opens. OFFICERS stand with BEECHER, naked, cuffed." RAWR

WheeEEEeee! I can't wait to read the rest of it!
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This morning I was skimming through the shiny, updated Great Big Oz Resource List, when I noticed a link for an old fansite for Dean Winters. I decided to check it out and stumbled across several archived articles about Dean and Oz that had been written back when the show originally aired. I started reading this 2000 article about the show from the Indianapolis Star, and my jaw about hit the floor when I read the following passage:

[Rita] Moreno tells what she calls a "delicious" story about Fontana calling her with an idea about how to stage the prison riot that ended Oz's first season. She said Fontana wanted to put on West Side Story with Beecher in drag as Anita. The simulated violence in the play would turn real, and the riot would be on.

Unfortunately, Moreno says with a laugh, the rights to the play were unavailable.

OHMYGOD! How awesome would that have been?! And so completely bizarre! It would've been like Cop Rock!!!

And I just can't help but laugh at the fact that Tom has this apparently uncontrollable desire to put Lee in drag. Third time's a charm?

I don't even know why, but I love this idea so damn much. (Actually, that's a lie -- I know EXACTLY why I love this idea so much.) What a shame it didn't happen!

(Random Fun Fact: Did you know that Lee once said that his guilty pleasure was watching Rupaul's Drag Race?)

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