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Title:  Over the Hill and Beyond the Moon

Pairing:  Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell

Rating:  NC-17

Summary:  Ryan struggles with his insecurities as he faces his fortieth birthday.  Simon makes him feel better.

Length:  8,000 words

Notes:  Despite the fact that I prefer RPS that is canon-based to the greatest extent possible (since I like to believe that these things could actually be true), this story ignores the recent drama involving Simon and his impending fatherhood since, frankly, I have no idea what to make of all that.

Written for [personal profile] just_jes who, once upon a time, wrote The Most Awesome Prompt Ever.  Better late than never!




December 13, 2014.


PROLOGUE.  Wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs, Ryan stood in front of the full-length mirror in his bedroom and exhaled a deep, heavy sigh. 

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Title:  Stuffed Bears
Pairing:  Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell
Rating:  PG
Summary:  Ryan's preoccupation with bears pays off in a big way on Valentine's Day.
Length:  521 words
Notes:  Orignally posted on my tumblr for campcupcake11, who asked for a fluffy Valentine's Day Rymon fic.  The trufax information on Care Bears characters came from Wikipedia.  This fic became all the more relevant after the Daily Mail broke the story that Ryan and Julianne had been headed to London (!) for Valentine's Day weekend until their plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Las Vegas.  Hmmmm....


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Title: Making Plans
Pairing:  Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell
Rating:  R
Summary:  Simon and Ryan are once again on vacation in St. Bart's after the holidays.
Length: 488 words
Notes: A little something originally posted on my tumblr, in response to a photoset prompt by campcupcake11.  Simon and Ryan have a tradition of vacationing at the same time in the same place but in a totally-not-together manner, consistently demonstrated by simultaneous-yet-separate photo ops.  Last week was no different, as they were photographed in St. Bart's during their annual post-holiday break.


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Title:  The Sweetest Revenge
Pairing:  Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell
Rating:  NC-17
Summary:  Ryan is determined to learn the story behind his bizarre characterization in Tom Bower's new biography of Simon.
Length:  6,200 words
Notes:  In April 2012, Tom Bower (a respected investigative journalist who previously worked for the BBC) published a biography of Simon Cowell titled "Sweet Revenge."  Although the biography is considered "unauthorized," Simon granted Bower access to 200 hours of his time (including holidays in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean), and it seems as if the book was written to prove three basic points:  (1) Simon is 100% heterosexual and NOT gay in any way, shape, or form; (2) Simon is more successful, intelligent, sexy, and powerful than Simon Fuller could ever hope to be; and (3) Ryan Seacrest barely exists, but when he does, it is only as a source of great irritation to Simon Cowell.  My story attempts to explain how someone like Tom Bower could have written a book filled with so many distortions and lies.
Special Thanks:  To [ profile] rymonforever, who helped plant the seed for this story during our Twitter exchanges/bitch sessions.  It's not quite the badfic that was promised, but it's something.


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Title:  A Merry Seacrestmas 2010
Pairing:  Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell
Rating:  PG
Summary: The story behind last year's sighting of Simon at a hotel in Ryan's hometown on Christmas Eve (Ryan's birthday).
Length:  1800 words
Notes: My intention was to write something in part to pay homage to the Rymon community.  There are several inside references to real-life Rymon events, rumors, and fanfic (written by others) that the fandom discussed, joked, and speculated about.  Good times!


Simon was sprawled out on the couch in the sitting room, watching TV, remote in hand.  He heard Ryan swipe his keycard, a sound that he had been listening for subconsciously all evening.  He watched out of the corner of his eye as Ryan bounced into the hotel suite, removed his coat, and settled down next to him.

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