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... for being a good sport and having a sense of humor.

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Happy birthday to [ profile] mazephoenix, the Oz fandom's most prolific author and dedicated commenter!

Please celebrate responsibly! :-)

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***My first pic!spam story, and my first bad!fic.***
(So I guess that makes this a bad!PicFic?)

Title: Two Beecher Brothers Are Too Many
Pairings: Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller, Angus Beecher/Chris Keller
Rating: mostly kind of PG-13, but there's some bad words (even the F one!), one gross pic, and one NSFW gif that you shouldn't look at if you're at work
Length: not a lot of words (maybe around 700), but a lot of pics and gifs (about 28, I think)
Summary: After he's released from prison, Chris realizes that Toby's younger brother Angus has the hots for him, so he decides to do something about it.
Note: Apparently, Angus/Chris stories are like a thing now. You can thank [ profile] drsquidlove and [ profile] mazephoenix for that (and I think [ profile] iskra667 had a hand in it, too).

So, Chris Keller gets out of Oz,


Read/see more behind the cut (including a NSFW gif)... )
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] trillingstar! Here's some Leeloni to help celebrate!
Also, Happy Valentine's Day, to everyone!

Title:  Saviors & Sinners
Pairing:  Lee Tergesen/Christopher Meloni
Warning:  RPS
Rating:  PG-13 (sexual situations, but nothing too explicit)
Length:  1,515 words

Summary:  Lee and Chris rehearse their big scene from the "Savior" episode of Law & Order: SVU.
Notes:  Written for [ profile] trillingstar for her birthday, inspired by her prompt from the Oz Prompt-A-Thon 2014:
"Leeloni RPF, SVU reunion. Whether they're running lines again and again until they get the mood exactly right, accidentally locking themselves in Chris's trailer, or laughing over the real reason Baer never released any promo stills; they're buoyant, winding down slowly from their acting chemistry high, loose and happy, always so happy to see each other."

All italicized lines are exact dialouge from the "Savior" episode. Credit goes to SVU's writers. (Trust me, I don't want it.)


Story here.... )
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Best wishes to [ profile] trillingstar!  Here's a little Leeloni RPS ficlet for you to help celebrate!

Title:  A Hearty Housewarming
Pairing:  Lee Tergesen/Christopher Meloni
Warning:  RPS
Rating:  PG-13 (for sexual innuendo)
Length:  339 words
Notes:  A little something for [ profile] trillingstar on her birthday.
Summary: Lee visits Chris at his new house in LA.

A Hearty Housewarming )
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Title:  A Moldy Oldie
Pairing:  Lee Tergesen/Christopher Meloni
Warning:  RPF
Rating:  R (for language, drug use, innuendo, and an overabundance of bad cliches from the 1960's)
Length:  942 words
Notes:  A little something for [ profile] trillingstar and especially [ profile] colleendetroit, who planted the seed for this story.  Thanks for making the [ profile] leeloni community so much fun!
Summary:  The story behind Chris's outfit in this picture:


Story here.... )

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