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sweetpeach bday2

Hope you are having a lovely day!
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sean val day 2

Thanks for all you do for the Oz fandom, such as appreciating the bestest CO in Oz!
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As inspired by your LJ icon!

4 seasons

Hope you had a great day!
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Wishing you a day as wonderful as Tim and Sean's love!

cml birthday
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maze bday

Like a (maze)phoenix rising up out of its ashes, Chris and Toby's love will never die!
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tril bday

.... Oz style, of course!
Hope you had a great day!
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Ummm, it's a day late, I know. (It's been that kind of week.) Hope it was good one!

Anyway, here's an Oz birthday/Christmas/New Year's greeting kind of thing! (Imagine that they're looking right at you!)

lisacali bday
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Best Wishes, [ profile] cmk418! Here's a special drabble for you on your special day!

cmk bday pic

No Suprise
(100 words)

Tim felt immobilized, as if tied to the chair.

"Happy birthday to you," sang Diane into an ear.

"Happy birthday to you," whispered Gloria into the other.

"Happy birthday, dear Timmy!" shouted Claire from between his knees.

"Happy birthday to you!" finished Ellie from the front. She blew a party puffer into his face.

Shouting, Tim sat up in bed.

"Nightmare?" mumbled Sean sleepily.

"You’d invited my exes to a surprise party—some misguided attempt to prove your comfort with my past. Don't ever do that!"

After he heard water running, Sean grabbed the phone. He had cancellations to make.
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Happy Birthday to you, [ profile] iskra667! Here's some dragtastic Lee Tergesen for your enjoyment! (And everyone else's, too!) :-)


--Credit to for (most) of the pics. Lyrics to "Ladies' Night" by Kool and the Gang.--
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Here's some cute young!Lee for you to enjoy! :-)

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Happy birthday to [ profile] mazephoenix, the Oz fandom's most prolific author and dedicated commenter!

Please celebrate responsibly! :-)

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] trillingstar! Here's some Leeloni to help celebrate!
Also, Happy Valentine's Day, to everyone!

Title:  Saviors & Sinners
Pairing:  Lee Tergesen/Christopher Meloni
Warning:  RPS
Rating:  PG-13 (sexual situations, but nothing too explicit)
Length:  1,515 words

Summary:  Lee and Chris rehearse their big scene from the "Savior" episode of Law & Order: SVU.
Notes:  Written for [ profile] trillingstar for her birthday, inspired by her prompt from the Oz Prompt-A-Thon 2014:
"Leeloni RPF, SVU reunion. Whether they're running lines again and again until they get the mood exactly right, accidentally locking themselves in Chris's trailer, or laughing over the real reason Baer never released any promo stills; they're buoyant, winding down slowly from their acting chemistry high, loose and happy, always so happy to see each other."

All italicized lines are exact dialouge from the "Savior" episode. Credit goes to SVU's writers. (Trust me, I don't want it.)


Story here.... )
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Wishing a great day to the best fan stylist around!  ;)

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Best wishes to the woman behind the dreamiest website on the internet!


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Best wishes to [ profile] trillingstar!  Here's a little Leeloni RPS ficlet for you to help celebrate!

Title:  A Hearty Housewarming
Pairing:  Lee Tergesen/Christopher Meloni
Warning:  RPS
Rating:  PG-13 (for sexual innuendo)
Length:  339 words
Notes:  A little something for [ profile] trillingstar on her birthday.
Summary: Lee visits Chris at his new house in LA.

A Hearty Housewarming )
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Wishing you a day of peace and happiness with people who love you!


.... which seems to include one Lee Tergesen!  :)
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