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b:k early gift

(with apologies to Andy Samburg and Justin Timberlake)
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Tim's Great Idea (the timeline is a little wonky on this, so just roll with it)

It was Tim McManus's idea for the staff at Oz to join together to decorate a little tree in the break room. Not only would it be a fun way to celebrate the holidays, but it would also help foster a sense of community among the employees.

(He had heard that the staff at other prisons had done something similar with great success.)

A Great Idea, continued )
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The Discovery

A loud, crashing sound woke Ryan up. He froze for a moment as the possibilities ran through his mind. Then he realized that the stuffed parrot he'd won at the county fair last summer was jammed uncomfortably against his back. He picked it up and threw it over the edge of his bunk.

"Ryan?" Cyril whispered from below. Apparently the noise had woken him up, too.

The Discovery, continued )
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Toby tried, but failed, to keep the grin off his face. He opened the door to the pod with a jerk and made a beeline toward Chris, lying sprawled out on his bunk.

Toby sat down next to him. "I've got a treat for you," he breathlessly informed Chris.

Sucker!, continued )
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Poet's Carols

Poet turned up the volume on the kitchen radio. He got busy and began peeling the potatoes in time with the Christmas carol the station was playing. At first, he hummed along to the music, then he eventually broke out into his own version of the song…

Jingle bells,
Vern’s carcass smells,
As Robson laid a spoon.

The deal was sealed
by Keller's feels,
and Beecher got away!

Poet's Carols, continued )
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Food Porn (let's pretend this is a post-Oz AU)

"Stop it!" exclaimed Toby. He smacked the back of Chris's hand with his oven mitt. "Can't you read? It says right here on the package: Do not consume raw cookie dough."

"But it tastes so good," Chris replied defensively.

Food Porn, continued )
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Secret Santa Surprise

"Okay, we're all set," said Father Ray with a clap of his hands. "Everyone bring in their Secret Santa gifts by December 24 and place them here under the tree. We'll open them up at the staff party that afternoon."

Everyone began filing out of the break room, heading back to their posts. As Ray turned around to grab his cup of coffee, he realized that Gloria was lingering behind, still staring at the little slip of paper that she had drawn out of the hat.

Secret Santa Surprise, continued )
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Then he got an idea!
An awful idea!
Tobias BeeGRINCHer

(with apologies to Dr. Seuss and Chuck Jones)
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Movie Night

Stella Coffa dumped a small box of old, dusty, VHS videotapes onto the library table in front of O'Reily, Beecher, and Keller.

"Someone just donated all these old Christmas movies to the library," she explained to them. "And I've convinced Tim McManus to show one here tonight in Em City. Why don't the three of you decide which one?"

Movie Night, continued )
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Up on the Housetop

Sean awoke to the pitter-patter of feet scampering above him. For a second or two, he was six years old again, wondering if Santa's sleigh had landed on the roof of his childhood home. But then he rolled over and saw the pieces of his uniform scattered across the floor, and the moment was gone.

Must be squirrels, he thought with a sigh.

Up on the Housetop, continued )

OZ Advent!

Nov. 30th, 2016 01:53 pm
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I love the holidays! And I love OZ! And I find it hard waiting in breathless anticipation until January for all the wonderful [ profile] oz_magi stories and artwork!

oz ornament


Beginning tomorrow, December 1, I am going to attempt a 24-day Oz-themed advent calendar countdown! I plan to post a holiday-oriented graphic, or drabble, or maybe a bit of meta, each day until Christmas. Nothing real elaborate, just a little something each day that will hopefully spread some seasonal cheer!

It'll be heavy on the B/K ('cos that's how I roll), but there'll also be some Tim/Sean, some O'Reily brothers, and gen stuff in there as well. Please understand that the undertaking is a little ambitious, especially for this time of year, and while I have some things queued up, I can't quite promise clockwork posting at this point. But I'm going to do my best!

(I have an old fandom friend who attempted something similar years ago, and her 24-day advent quickly turned into the 12 days of Christmas, and then even that came up short. But it was still fun!)

I hope you all enjoy! :-)
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oxford comma

Credit to mxduki's tumblr.

(The Oxford comma should always be used. Always, always, ALWAYS.)


Nov. 9th, 2016 10:07 am
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And I'm not one to use that word indiscriminately.

I keep telling myself NOT to look at the big picture right now. To get through this, I need to focus instead on other, specific things. Good things.

It's not like someone died. My family, the most important thing in the world to me, is still healthy and happy (last night notwithstanding).

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly, and that's always fun. Hopefully, no one will want to talk about the election by that point.

The University of Michigan's football team is 9-0, and they'll probably be undefeated going into the big game against Ohio State on Thanksgiving weekend. It's amazing how far Jim Harbaugh has brought the program in just two years.


I've been hearing some good things about "The Crown" on Netflix. I think I'll be checking that out. I know I need to stop watching MSNBC and CNN for a while.

Skimming through the old master lists for [ profile] spook_me last week, I discovered a 16,000-word B/K apocafic written by [ profile] severina2001 that I didn't know existed. I've been looking forward to taking some time out to leisurely read through it. I think that time is today. (Apocafic seems oddly appropriate. It's gotta be worse than reality, right?)


A new year. And, most likely, the world isn't going end.
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While digging around for [ profile] oz_daily pictures, I stumbled upon a really interesting old (2001) article about Oz from The New York Times. It talks about the show's upcoming fifith season, and how they had to move production from Manhattan's Chelsea neighborhood to Bayonne, New Jersey.

The Inmates of 'Oz' Move Into a New Emerald City

And I got so excited over the hands-down bestest part of the whole article, which was this:

[While filming the new season,] Mr. Winters, along with most of the other cast members, caught a ride in the ''Oz'' van, which shuttled between Manhattan and Bayonne several times a day. (Residents of the West Village might have noticed a group of familiar-looking felons loitering on a corner at 6 in the morning, five days a week.)

Because, ohmygod, YOU GUYS, can you imagine OZ CARPOOL KARAOKE?!!

All of a sudden, I want all this fic where the Ozzies (either the actors or their Oz counterparts) are all driving somewhere together and either singing songs, or fighting over what radio station to listen to, or bitching about the driver's driving skills, or commenting about the scenery outside, or whatever. Because that would be hilariously OZSOME.

That quote might also help explain this old picture:

And THEN, there was this little mention in the article:

Between takes, Robert Clohessy (Officer Murphy) got a friendly back rub from a transvestite,

Which, ooooo!!! A Murphy/Fiona rarepair! Someone needs to do this!
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Title: When Death Dies
Pairing: Tobias Beecher/Chris Keller
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Word Count: 2,268
Creature Prompt: Grim Reaper
Summary: Toby and Chris meet Death, but the encounter takes a strange turn.
Notes: Written for the 2016 Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon. The artwork prompts assigned to me were as follows:

Artwork by Tegehel on the left, and by Egoodwinart on the right.
Additional note at the end of the story.

When Death Dies )
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Title: Endgame
Pairing(s): Chris Keller/Fox Mulder, with strong Beecher/Keller overtones (and the tiniest hint of Mulder/Scully)
Rating: R (for sexual situations, language, and brief references to canon violence)
Word Count: 3,245
Setting: Oz, mid-Season 4 (late 2000)
Summary: Chris Keller receives a visit from FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The good news? Agent Mulder doesn't think that Keller is a serial killer. The bad news? Mulder believes that he's a vampire instead.

Notes: The seed for this story was planted by [ profile] dustandroses during the Fandom Giftbox fest at Dreamwidth when she wrote the prompt "Keller likes a challenge, so he seduces some guy even he wasn't sure he could get." That prompt, combined with her general likes of crossovers with fandoms like The X-Files, led to the following story. Unfortunately, there was no way I could complete it in time for the Fandom Giftbox, but I'm posting it now in time for Halloween.

Endgame )
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If you lined up all the mugshots for all the characters Lee's played over the years, I wonder how far they would reach....


SO! New Lee was on my TV again over the weekend, this time in the season premiere of "Elementary," yet another show I've never seen before that I was watching only for Lee. At least this time, I was able to pick up on the concept fairly quickly, i.e., quirky Sherlock and Dr. Watson vs. bad guys.

Unfortunately, while the epiosde itself was fine, it wasn't exactly the best showcase for Lee's talents. He essentially had three scenes, 98% of which he spent sitting behind an interrogation desk. And those scenes basically consisted of 5 minutes of Sherlock & Watson telling him their crime theories, to which Lee would basically say "You're wrong," and then Sherlock & Watson would spend another 5 minutes telling him why they weren't. (Where was my I'M NOBODY'S BITCH moment?)

Consequently, there isn't anything to really re-cap, except for Lee looking very, very pretty. But, hey, that's important, too!

Many pretty pictures of Lee behind the cut. )
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