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Hey! I finally got my act together and assembled a Master List of all my fanfic! :-)

The list's organization is pretty self-expalantory: fic is arranged in chronological order by date posted, with my drabbles/ficlets and RPF at the end. I thought about grouping the stories according to pairings and main characters, but that quickly became problematic and just didn't seem practical. Suffice it to say, the vast majority of my fic focuses on (or stems from) the Beecher/Keller pairing in HBO's Oz. But I've also written a fair amount of McManus/Murphy, gen fic, crossovers with L&O:SVU, RPF, as well as other odds and ends.

Stories are posted to my personal LJ unlesss otherwise indicated. For the last year, I've (sloooowly) been archiving my stories to AO3, and those links are given as well.

Feedback is always appreciated, no matter how old the story might be. :-)

Oz (HBO)

Helping Hands (Hardtime100) (R)
and on AO3
Summary: A spooky story for Halloween in which Vern Schillinger faces the repercussions of Gary Beecher's murder.
Word Count: 2,300

The Icing on the Cake (Hardtime100) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Chris joins the Beecher family for a meal on Thanksgiving Day. Young adult AU.
Word Count: 1,900

Take a Look Around (Oz Magi) (R)
and on AO3
Summary: A glimpse into various parts of Em City during the lockdown that took place between Seasons 3 and 4.
Word Count: 3,370

The Pet Shop Boys (G)
and on AO3
Summary: The Oz Animal Shelter receives a new dog who makes an impression.
Word Count: 5,300

Paradise! (R)
and on AO3
Summary: Keller and Beecher get shipwrecked on a deserted tropical island.
Word Count: 200

Paradise! Part 2: A Hairy Situation (R)
and on AO3
Summary: While deserted on a tropical island, Chris plays with Toby's hair to pass the time.
Word Count: 670

Paradise! Part 3: Is This the Real Life? Is This Just Fantasy? (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Deserted on a tropical island for many years, Toby struggles with his sanity.
Word Count: 1,048

Face Off (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: A young adult Holly Beecher visits Chris in Oz.
Word Count: 2,000

A Goal with an Assist (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: McManus proposes that a hockey tournament would be an acceptable physical activity for the inmates.
Word Count: 887

Adjustments (Hardtime100) (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Chris Keller has been paroled from Oz and struggles with the realization that life with Toby is a little different than he'd always planned.
Word Count: 2,100

Spook Me: Hellhole (R)
and on AO3
Summary: After Chris Keller has fallen over that balcony railing in Em City, an emotional Tobias Beecher is sent to the hole, where he encounters some bizarre situations.
Word Count: 3,900

The Barbie Test (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: A young Holly Beecher and Chris Keller meet for the first time when Holly visits Oz with her father.
Word Count: 1,090

He Looked Good Enough To Eat (Oz Magi) (R)
and on AO3
Summary: Tobias Beecher and Donald Groves share a bonding experience.
Word Count: 427

Make Your Own Path (Oz Magi) (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: During an Em City poker game, Tobias Beecher and Jaz Hoyt discover some coincidences from their youth.
Word Count: 2,840

Needs and Wants (Oz Magi) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Sean makes a habit of coming to Tim's rescue.
Word Count: 870

Wish You Were Here (Hardtime100) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: A teenage Holly Beecher does her best to share a few personal milestones with the people she loves.
Word Count: 2,850

Two Beecher Brothers Are Too Many (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Bad!fic pic!spam. After he's released from prison, Chris realizes that Toby's younger brother Angus has the hots for him, so he decides to do something about it.
Word Count: 700, plus many pics and gifs

Demons (Oz Wishing Well) (PG-13)
Summary: Toby battles his demons.
Word Count: 100

A Wish to Build a Dream On (Oz Wishing Well) (R)
and on AO3
Summary: An AU based on the story "Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp," in which Tobias Beecher is a magical genie who grants Chris Keller three wishes.
Word Count: 6,250

Familiar (Oz Wishing Well) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Sean's people skills come in handy when Toby's family visits Oz.
Word Count: 2,430

Dirty (Oz Wishing Well) (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Sister Pete's mind wanders as she takes her morning shower.
Word Count: 765

Lesson Learned (Oz Wishing Well) (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby tries to help Chris study for the GED test—but Chris is being Chris, and Toby is, well, being Toby.
Word Count: 2,830

Mysterious Ways (Oz Wishing Well) (PG)
and on AO3
Crossover with Law & Order: SVU.
Summary: A young Toby makes some new friends during summer break.
Word Count: 3,880

No Suprise (PG)
Summary: Tim's birthday is a nightmare.
Word Count: 100

Spook Me: A Doomed Deception (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: When Toby and Chris experience car trouble, they head up the road to an old mansion to ask for help. Oddly, the person they encounter there is unusually happy to meet Chris.
Word Count: 6,469

Ten B/K Microfics (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Ten microfics of ten words in ten different genres.
Word Count: 100 total

A Clean Conscience (Oz Magi) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: A terminally ill Sister Pete receives some suprising visitors.
Word Count: 776

As the Clock Ticked Down (Oz Magi) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Sparks fly when Toby and Chris meet as teenagers during a heated basketball game. At least, that’s how Toby prefers to remember the game.
Word Count: 3,131

Come Sail Away With Me (Oz Magi) (NC-17)
and on AO3
Summary: They say that it’s not the size of the ship that matters—it’s the motion of the ocean. But what do you do when your lover is afraid to get on board because your ship is the Titanic?
Word Count: 1,003

Christmas at Home (Oz Magi) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Song fic based on the perennial Christmas standard "I’ll Be Home For Christmas."
Word Count: 2,250

Baby Love! (Lyric Wheel) (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Oz's aging pill experiment goes horribly wrong, and instead of aging the prisoners, it enables them to get pregnant.
Word Count: 4,200

Stronger Than Moonshine (Hardtime100) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby tries to talk Chris out of skipping town. Young adult AU.
Word Count: 1,960

Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension (Fandom Giftbox-Dreamwidth) (PG)
Summary: Tim and Sean exchange e-mails discussing their retirement plans.
Word Count: 898

A Sixth Sense (Fandom Giftbox-Dreamwidth) (PG-13)
Summary: Chris always knows what Toby needs to hear.
Word Count: 100

Endgame (R)
and on AO3
Crossover with The X-Files.
Summary: Chris Keller receives a visit from FBI Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The good news? Agent Mulder doesn't think that Keller is a serial killer. The bad news? Mulder believes that he's a vampire instead.
Word Count: 3,245

Spook Me: When Death Dies (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby and Chris meet Death, but the encounter takes a strange turn.
Word Count: 2,268

Cupid's Sting (Oz Magi) (PG)
Summary: A fusion with the movie "The Sting" where Toby and Chris are two lonely souls who meet in a diner.
Word Count: 1,072

Reflections (Oz Magi) (PG)
and on AO3
Crossover with Law & Order: SVU.
Summary: Toby tries to celebrate a meaningful Thanksgiving with Elliot Stabler and his family, but memories of Oz and Chris keep getting in the way.
Word Count: 3,862

Living the American Dream (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: A slightly cracky story in which Sean receives a much-deserved award. Set in present day.
Word Count: 1,565

Guardian Angel (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: After being shot, Sean wakes up to a surprise in the hospital.
Word Count: 600

Five Times Sean Stopped Tim From Doing Something Foolish (Hardtime 100) (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: What the title says.
Word Count: 2,886

Ficlets written as part of my 2016 Oz Advent countdown:

Up on the Housetop (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Sean wakes up to the sound of noises on the roof.
Word Count: 500

Movie Night (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: O'Reily, Beecher, and Keller try to reach on consensus on which classic Christmas movie should be shown in Oz.
Word Count: 440

Secret Santa Surprise (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Gloria dreads buying a Secret Santa gift for Claire.
Word Count: 500

Food Porn (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby and Chris make Christmas cookies together.
Word Count: 529

Poet's Carols (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Poet makes up his own lyrics to some Christmas songs to pass the time while working in the kitchen.
Word Count: 383

Sucker! (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby has a special Christmas treat for Chris.
Word Count: 363

The Discovery (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Young Ryan and Cyril are woken up by noises in their house on Christmas Eve.
Word Count: 503

Tim's Great Idea (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: At Tim's suggestion, the staff at Oz decorates a Christmas tree in their break room.
Word Count: 673

The Perfect Tree (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby is looking to buy a decent Christmas tree, but Chris has a different set of criteria.
Word Count: 405

Miss Sally's Snowballs (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: The inmates watch a very special episode of "Miss Sally's Schoolyard."
Word Count: 559

Crack the Whip (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Toby and Chris go ice skating.
Word Count: 494

U-G-L-Y, You Ain't Got No Alibi (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Tim convinces Sean to participate in his Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.
Word Count: 447

A Christmas Miracle Remembered (PG-13)
and on AO3
Summary: Chris reflects on a Christmas Eve miracle that gave him a new chance at life.
Word Count: 594

Drabbles written for [ profile] hardtime100
A Failed Mission (PG)
Katherine McClain
prompt #200: Reflection, 100 words

Thanks for the Memories! (R)
Original Characters
prompt #200: Reflection, 100 words

Miscalculation (PG)
prompt #140: Fall, 100 words

Family Pride (PG)
prompt #201: Fame, 100 words

A Terrifying Trust (R)
prompt #202: Horror Vision, 200 words

Somewhere Safe (R)
prompt #204: Locks & Keys, 100 words

Holly's Snowglobe (PG)
Holly Beecher
prompt #205: Storm, 100 words

Keller's Meatloaf Specialty (R)
prompt #193: Now You're Cookin'!, 100 words

Give & Take: Sex, Drugs, and Violence (PG-13)
prompt #1: Good Boy, 100 words each (300 total)

Feeding Time (PG-13)
an Oz ghost
prompt #182: Haunted, 100 words

Floral Arrangement (PG)
Holly Beecher, Chris Keller
prompt #206: Push, 100 words

Just Right (PG)
prompt #207: Fairy Tale, 100 words

Third Time's a Charm (PG)
Suzanne Fitzgerald
prompt #207: Fairy Tale, 200 words

Sensitive Subject (PG-13)
prompt #148: Sensational, 100 words

The Silence of Chris (PG)
Chris Keller, Hannibal Lector
prompt #202: Horror Vision, 100 words

Breaking News (PG)
Victoria Beecher
prompt #209: Wind, Weather and Storm, 200 words

It's a Tradition (PG)
prompt #212: Bride, 100 words

Cooling Down (PG)
prompt #213: Popsicles, Gelato, Ice Cream, 200 words

Claire's Bizarro World (PG)
Claire Howell
prompt #214: Pure Imagination, 200 words

Blissful Ignorance
Sean Murphy, Holly Beecher
prompt #217: Murphy!, 100 words

Drabbles written for drabble trees hosted at [ profile] oz_wishing_well
Drabbles for Waiter, There's An Oz Drabble Tree In My Soup:

  1. really little kids; Beecher/Stabler, 262 words

  2. sits down at the other end of the bus; Beecher/Keller, 178 words

  3. the sound of chair legs scuttling; Leeloni RPF, 184 words

  4. swooning princess; Suzanne Fitzgerald, 136 words

  5. a fucking birthday cake?!; Beecher/Keller, 219 words

  6. that was just too easy; Claire, Gloria, Diane, 219 words

  7. family had to come first; Angus Beecher, 248 words

Drabbles for The Ides of Oz Drabble Tree:

  1. skin crawl; Beecher/Keller, 100 words

  2. shadow; Keller, Stabler, 233 words

  3. stopped believing in Santa; McManus, Murphy, 146 words

  4. coward; McManus, Glynn, 132 words

  5. as he was pushed to his knees; Beecher/Keller, 255 words

  6. rebel; Beecher/Marion, 100 words

  7. he knows the game now; Ryan, Cyril, Murphy, 230 words

  8. gossip; Beecher/Keller, 100 words

  9. quiet; Beecher/Keller, Holly, 142 words

Drabbles for Oz Drabble Tree Gives Love a Bad Name:

  1. dreams; Beecher/Keller, 100 words

  2. armpits; Schillinger/Beecher, 100 words

  3. a second cup; McManus/Murphy, 150 words

  4. horned devil; Tom Fontana RPF, 134 words

  5. preacher man; Keller/Skaggs, 200 words

  6. freshly filled grave; Beecher family, 100 words

  7. role-play; Beecher/Keller, 238 words

Drabbles for The Good, The Bad, and The Oz Drabble Tree:

  1. welcome to your new home, boys; O'Reily family, 115 words

  2. rubbed the back of his head; Keller, Ryan O'Reily, Beecher, 100 words

  3. adore(d) his wife; Keller, August Pullman, 115 words

  4. baby; Leeloni RPF, 100 words

Lee Tergesen/Christopher Meloni (Leeloni)

A Moldy Oldie (R)
Summary: The story behind one of Chris's infamous outfits.
Word Count: 942

A Hearty Housewarming (PG-13)
Summary: Lee visits Chris at his new house in LA.
Word Count: 339

Saviors & Sinners (PG-13)
Summary: Lee and Chris rehearse their big scene from the "Savior" episode of Law & Order: SVU.
Word Count: 1,515

American Idol RPF
Ryan Seacrest/Simon Cowell (Rymon)

A Merry Seacrestmas 2010 (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: The story behind last year's sighting of Simon at a hotel in Ryan's hometown on Christmas Eve (Ryan's birthday).
Word count: 1,800

The Sweetest Revenge (NC-17)
and on AO3
Summary: Ryan is determined to learn the story behind his bizarre characterization in Tom Bower's new biography of Simon.
Word Count: 6,200

Making Plans (R)
and on AO3
Summary: Simon and Ryan are once again on vacation in St. Bart's after the holidays.
Word Count: 488

Stuffed Bears (PG)
and on AO3
Summary: Ryan's preoccupation with bears pays off in a big way on Valentine's Day.
Word Count: 521

Over the Hill and Beyond the Moon (Dreamwidth) (NC-17)
and on AO3
Summary: Ryan struggles with his insecurities as he faces his fortieth birthday. Simon makes him feel better.
Word Count: 8,000
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