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This is a placeholder with links to the Oz fic I wrote last year for [ profile] hardtime100 (4 drabbles and 1 flashfic), the Oz [ profile] lyric_wheel Challenge, and the [ profile] oz_magi holiday exchange.

I am currently in the process (finally!) of creating a master list here on LJ, as well as copying all my fic over to my AO3 account. (So when the big LiveJournal Armageddon goes down as all the doomsayers are predicting, I'll have my ass covered.) In the meantime, this helps keep me organized.


Drabbles written for [ profile] hardtime100:

Challenge #209: Wind, Weather and Storm
Breaking News
(Victoria Beecher)
Word Count: 200 (a double drabble)

Challenge #212: Bride
It's a Tradition
Word Count: 100

Challenge #213: Popsicles, Gelato, Ice Cream
Cooling Down
Word Count: 200 (a double drabble)

Challenge #214: Pure Imagination
Claire's Bizarro World
(Claire Howell)
Word Count: 200 (a double drabble)

Flashfiction written for [ profile] hardtime100:

Flash Fiction Challenge #87: Purple Rain
Stronger Than Moonshine
Word Count: 1,960
Summary: Toby tries to talk Chris out of skipping town. AU/Songfic


Story written for the Oz [ profile] lyric_wheel Challenge:

Baby Love!, based on the song "Having My Baby" by Paul Anka
(various characters)
Word Count: 4,200
Summary: Oz's aging pill experiment goes horribly wrong, and instead of aging the prisoners, it enables them to get pregnant.


Story written for the [ profile] oz_magi holiday exchange:

Reflections, written for [ profile] nindevotee
(Beecher/Stabler, Beecher/Keller)
Word Count: 3,862
Keyword/Prompt Phrase: Before and After, Thanksgiving
Summary: Toby tries to celebrate a meaningful Thanksgiving with Elliot and his family, but memories of Oz and Chris keep getting in the way.

Additional "treat" created for the [ profile] oz_magi dress factory party:

Cupid's Sting
Word Count: 1,072
Keyword/Prompt Phrase (courtesy of [ profile] michele659): "I don't even know you." Person two: "You know me. I'm just like you. It's 2 am and I don't know nobody."
Summary: A fusion with the movie "The Sting" where Toby and Chris are two lonely souls who meet in a diner.


In addition, I encourage everyone to read the awesome works generated by my [ profile] oz_magi wish... two deliciously decadant 1970s AUs inspired by my prompt of "Disco Inferno":

the story Night Fever, by [ profile] pride_of_erin, and
the treat Disco Inferno 77, by [ profile] mazephoenix

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